To all readers of this website –

My name is Bill Lynch. I live, work and invest in Lorton and I am opposed to the permit extension of the Lorton Landfill by 22 years to the year 2040. I am the primary sponsor and funder of this website because I photoam a nearby property owner who, along with the homeowners in Lorton Valley, is most impacted by the landfill operations.

My home is on Mason Neck. My office is in my business park, Gunston Commerce Center, located on the north shore of the Occoquan River on both sides of I-95. You may recognize it best by the sign for the Corporate HQ of Five Guys. Along with partners, I own approximately 640,000 sq. ft. of Flex/Tech/Office space. www.i95businessparks.com is our website, if you care to take a look. Two other buildings in our park totaling approximately 210,000 sq. ft. are owned by other companies.

My opposition to the extension of the landfill permit for 22 years is based on the fact that EnviroSolutions Inc., (“ESI”), promised in 2007 that they would close the landfill in by December 31, 2018. For that promise, the Lorton Community negotiated the terms of the ESI permit extension based on the representation that the landfill would be closed in 2018, even if it had not topped out its capacity. The development conditions of that permit included in capital letters the phrase “There shall be NO FUTURE EXPANSION of the landfill, beyond that outlined by the SEA plat and permitted by these development conditions.” See the 2007 Development conditions in full.

The landfill is a blight on the Lorton Community. Because my investment property is on Furnace Road, virtually every truck that enters and leaves the landfill passes by our buildings. Every day, my clients and their employees endure hundreds of heavy trucks entering and leaving the landfill. They drag mud onto the road, leave debris alongside the road and on the pavement, and drop screws and nails on the pavement that cause tire damage to any vehicle that passes the same route. So that’s my first beef.

More importantly for my neighbors in the Lorton Community, I object to the threat that an extension of this landfill for more than two decades represents to the image of Lorton. If this permit is granted, we will be forced to watch the landfill activities as they build a retaining wall 2 miles long and 70’ high to contain all the new debris. Everyone who drives on I-95 will come to know Lorton as the place where the landfill with the Wind Turbines is located.

So I created this website with the help of my tech guys as an information clearing house and forum for the Lorton Community to learn more about the proposed extension of the Furnace Road Landfill beyond its promised closure on December 31, 2018 to the year 2040. We will only post information that we believe to be accurate and opinions that we believe to be informed. If you see information that is factually inaccurate, we would like to hear from you so we may post a correction, or give you the opportunity to express an opposing opinion. We are at somewhat of a handicap because the applicant in this case, Furnace Associates, Inc. has constructed a narrative for justification of this permit that is a masterful work of public relations, and we are late to the game in providing rebuttal.

So we are now doing our utmost best to rebut the ESI/Furnace Associates narrative by asking probing questions, offering opposing views, and making clear our opposition to the notion that a 22 year extension of a landfill is not in the best interest of our community. We emphatically reject the notion that the “Green Energy Park” is an appealing amenity or landmark for Lorton, and we are deeply skeptical about its purported benefits to the economic and environmental health of County.

If you choose to offer a comment, please do so in a civil manner. Our intent is to inform the community, not to defame the applicant. Opinions and skepticism are fine and facts are even better. Keep in mind, they have the right to apply for this permit and the community has the right to express its opposition. In order to make our best case to the decision makers on the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors, we need to let them know that our case is sound, well-reasoned, and most of all, the best outcome for the Lorton Community and Fairfax County as a whole.